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Who are the Best Business Phone Service Providers in Texas?

If you are looking for the best business phone service providers in Texas, we have everything you need to know to make an informed decision. This article will explain what it takes to be the best business phone service provider, and why LOGIX Fiber Networks should be your top choice.

What Makes the Best Business Phone Service?

The best business phone service providers provide a robust and reliable Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution and ultra-fast, high-speed business internet.

VoIP business phone service eliminates the need for expensive hardware, the frustrations of dealing with the local phone company, and the time-consuming work of maintaining your phone infrastructure. Additionally, VoIP is a cost-effective solution to modernize your communication. If you are still using a traditional analog phone system and landlines, you should know that many businesses find that they can cut their monthly phone bills in half by switching to VoIP.

Coupled with a fiber internet solution, you get reliable and redundant connectivity that eliminates concerns about lags or poor call quality.

Why More Texas Businesses Choose LOGIX for Their Business Phone Service

LOGIX offers Texas’ most reliable business phone service on a built-for-business network.

Highest-Quality Business Phone Service

LOGIX fiber provides low latency, eliminating the delays or choppiness that you may experience with other phone providers. You also get the full benefits of the mobility, scalability and security provided by VoIP business phone service.


You can tie any connected device to your network and make or receive calls. With a hosted private branch exchange (PBX), you can extend all of the features of your in-office phones to remote workers on their laptops, desktop computers or smartphones.


Because it is so easy to scale services on-demand, you do not need to overpay for capacity you do not need. You can quickly scale up or down as your business needs change.


VoIP communication is encrypted when sent and decrypted when received. This eliminates the potential for someone to eavesdrop on your phone calls when data is in transit, making it significantly more difficult for unauthorized intruders to hear your calls.

LOGIX Business Voice Cloud

With LOGIX Business Voice Cloud solutions, you get these advanced features you need to run your business efficiently:

  • Instant messaging and presence, voicemail to email, desktop and app screen sharing, and file sharing.
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams, popular customer relationship management systems and productivity apps.
  • High-definition voice and video calling.
  • Meeting scheduling.

You can add features such as auto attendant, texting, eFax, personal meeting rooms and call recording. LOGIX Business Voice Cloud provides the unified communications solutions you need to run your business efficiently.

Dedicated Fiber Internet

LOGIX has the largest independently owned fiber network in Texas. With more than 300,000 fiber miles throughout the state, you can get dedicated fiber connectivity for your business. This eliminates sharing connectivity with surrounding businesses, so you get the speeds you pay for even during peak usage.

Another advantage of working with LOGIX is avoiding national phone companies, regional providers and cable companies that often lease their lines. If a problem arises, leased lines make it harder to uncover where the problem is and who is responsible for fixing it. You can get caught in the middle of finger-pointing disputes while you wait for your service to get fixed. Since LOGIX owns the fiber it uses, problems are easy to detect and repair.

Exceptional Uptime

LOGIX Fiber Networks offers 99.999% uptime, also called Five Nines, as part of a service-level agreement. Five Nines is considered the gold standard for service delivery, equating to about five minutes of downtime in a year.

Texas-Based Monitoring and Support

LOGIX operates a Texas-based network operations center, which is staffed with technicians to monitor security and performance 24/7 year-round. If you have a problem or question, you can contact Texas-based support teams. You do not have to worry about calling someone halfway across the country – or around the world – only to hear someone reading from a script. LOGIX customer support teams are highly trained and provide Texas-friendly service.

If you need on-site support, LOGIX has local technicians nearby for fast response.

Choose LOGIX Fiber Networks

LOGIX Fiber Networks should be your first choice when you want the best business phone service provider in Texas. They make it easy to switch to a reliable cloud-based business phone service.

Find the best business phone service provider in Texas. Call LOGIX today at 281-688-6231 or request a quote online.