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Why Business VoIP Phone Service is Better for Remote Employees

The number of employees who work remotely is rising. Whether they’re working at home full time, part time or from different locations, there has been a significant increase in employees working away from the office. Today’s technology is well-suited for a distributed workforce. Mobile communications allow team members to work almost anywhere. Business Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service can serve as the backbone for your remote employees and keep them connected to your business tools. Business VoIP Phone Service When upgrading their business phone service, most companies opt to move to VoIP. It has become the standard for businesses to save money while providing a host of benefits, including greater flexibility. The Benefits of Business VoIP Phone Service and Hosted PBX for Remote Employees Moving your communications into the cloud with a hosted private branch exchange (PBX) enables both office-based and remote employees to work on the same system. More Efficient Communications A hosted PBX and business VoIP phone service provide a more efficient way to handle communications. For example, customers can be routed anywhere in your system when they call. An automated attendant can direct callers to the right person regardless of where they are. Increased Mobility With traditional business phone service, each line is assigned its own phone number that’s wired into a physical phone, which can be difficult to move. In some cases, you have to contact the local phone company to make the switch. With business VoIP phone service, you can make the switch easily or route calls to remote locations within the software. There is no need for customers to remember multiple phone numbers either. Employees can be assigned a single phone number, even when they work remotely or at different locations. VoIP can integrate with smartphones whether the company provides them or not. Adding apps to employees’ phones will connect them to the company’s hosted PBX. Better Connectivity Conference calls are easy with business VoIP phone service because everyone in your business is on the same system. VoIP can also be used for video conferencing, chatting, file sharing and more using communication and collaboration platforms. Remote team members can collaborate efficiently regardless of their location. Lower Costs With a business VoIP phone service, you do not need to buy expensive hardware. There is no need for a physical PBX because a hosted PBX in the cloud eliminates that need. Your employees will appreciate it as well, because using VoIP means you are not tapping into their cellphone minutes or tying up their landlines when they are working at home or on the road. Enhanced Security Using a free or low-cost virtual private network with VoIP prevents outsiders from breaching your systems. When employees are working remotely, they may be concerned about security when they dial into the company network. VoIP is a secure way to communicate and share data because your communications are encrypted. Advanced Calling Features A business VoIP phone service offers the same advanced calling features employees are used to when working in an office. This includes features such as:
  • Auto-attendant.
  • Call forwarding.
  • Three-way calling.
  • Caller ID.
  • Voicemail and voicemail to text.
  • Custom hold music.
  • Call recording.
  • Call waiting.
  • Hold/transfer/call forwarding.
  • Simultaneous and sequential ringing.
  • Extension dialing.
  • E911 service.
It is also possible to add direct inward dialing numbers, along with toll-free numbers with nationwide coverage. Advanced collaboration tools include soft clients for voice and video calling, messaging and presence. Many companies also choose to add additional conferencing and collaboration tools for even greater productivity. Changes are Easy A business phone service built on VoIP can evolve more easily. Adding additional phone lines, scaling back or reallocating phone lines is easy. Better Tracking and Monitoring VoIP gives companies the same data insights they have for employees whether they are working in the office or remotely. When employees are using their home phones or smartphones when working remotely, there is little tracking and monitoring possible unless you are using a business VoIP phone service. Why LOGIX Should Be Your Business VoIP Service Provider Here are just a few reasons why LOGIX is a good fit for businesses that have remote workers:
  • LOGIX provides dedicated and secure connections over a built-for-business fiber network to deliver the most reliable experience.
  • Many national service providers lease the lines they use or act as brokers that outsource your business. LOGIX has built a robust fiber network that spans 300,000 fiber miles and serves more than 10,000 of the most demanding companies in Texas. These companies trust LOGIX to deliver reliable business phone service for their office-based and remote work teams.
  • LOGIX can customize lightning-fast bandwidth with symmetrical speeds to your voice and data needs.
  • LOGIX is backed by a Texas-based 24/7 year-round customer care and service team, along with a network operations center staffed with professionals who constantly monitor speeds and performance to deliver exceptional dependability.
Let LOGIX show you how to improve the communications tools for your office-based and remote employees. Contact LOGIX today for a quote.