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Using Cloud Apps? Why Dedicated Fiber Internet is Critical

The internet has had an impact on nearly every business over the past decade. According to business consulting firm Gartner, more than $1.3 trillion will be spent in 2022 as businesses shift even more operations to the cloud. Rather than investing in on-premises hardware or software, organizations are increasingly using cloud apps.

There are plenty of benefits to using the cloud, including capital expenditure savings for hardware, reduced maintenance costs and floor space, and data that’s accessible to anyone with the proper authorization and a connected device. With today’s shift toward remote and hybrid workforces, employees are no longer tethered to the office computer when accessing important data.

Businesses only get the benefits of cloud transformation, however, if they have a reliable and resilient internet connection.

You Cannot Afford Slowdowns or Inconsistent Connectivity

With on-premises software that uses the internet only occasionally, if you cannot access your data right away, you likely wait a few seconds and try again. If much of your work is done offline, you can still keep working.

When using a cloud app, however, even minor delays caused by unreliable connectivity quickly become major nuisances. This is especially problematic for business phone service and videoconferencing.

Cable, coax or shared fiber connections are more jittery and susceptible to packet loss, which can mean audio dropping out or video freezing up. When you work with business phone Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service providers on a dedicated fiber internet connection, you get low latency for smooth calling.

Shared connections (even on fiber) can be a challenge for real-time cloud apps. Because you are sharing connectivity with other businesses, your speed and quality can fluctuate greatly, especially during peak usage times. Shared connections can slow down your internet and prevent you from getting the high speeds you are paying for. Most shared business internet and business phone or VoIP phone service providers cap upload speeds, so constantly moving data back and forth online with cloud apps can also hurt productivity.

With dedicated fiber internet, you get full use of the speed and connectivity you are promised. Since you are not sharing, you get the same fast upload and download speeds, so your cloud-based apps work fast.

Business Needs are Changing

Even if you have been fine without dedicated fiber internet, things are changing. The amount of data being stored, accessed and used online is staggering. Every day, the internet sees 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created; users send more than 333 billion emails and 6 billion texts. It all happens online, and it is happening at your business as well.

When you use cloud apps in business, you are moving data back and forth constantly. As data volumes grow, internet speed becomes even more important, making fast, reliable and resilient internet connectivity a priority. A business phone or VoIP phone service provider that provides dedicated fiber internet is your best solution to ensure that you get the service you need.

Dedicated Fiber Internet and VoIP Service Providers in Texas

LOGIX Fiber Networks is the largest independent provider of fiber internet for businesses in Texas. With more than 300,000 fiber miles installed connecting more than 10,000 businesses, 3,000 enterprise buildings and nearly 80+ third party data centers, LOGIX is built for business.

On a dedicated fiber network, LOGIX delivers the services that enable you to leverage cloud apps and cloud connectivity.

Fast, Flexible and Scalable Business Connectivity Options

LOGIX provides flexible business internet, phone and data center options to support your company’s evolving requirements. With a wide range of plans to fit your requirements, you can get high-speed dedicated fiber connectivity today, with an option to upgrade in the future as your business grows.

Best-in-Class Reliability over a Fiber Network

LOGIX delivers reliability and efficiency through a built-for-business fiber network and sophisticated routing capabilities. The LOGIX fiber network is monitored 24/7 year-round from a Texas-based network operations center for performance and security.

Exceptional Service from Local LOGIX Employees

You get exceptional and fast service from Texas-based LOGIX employees across all stages of design, installation, management and support, with detailed attention for every customer. When you call LOGIX, you get friendly service from sales and support teams right here in Texas.

Dedicated fiber internet provides reliable, resilient and secure connectivity to leverage cloud apps, including data and business phone service. Contact LOGIX Fiber Networks today to request a quote.