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Why Dedicated Fiber Internet Works for Finance and Insurance Offices

When it comes to finance and insurance offices, reputation is crucial. Clients and customers depend on you to provide accurate information, help them make important decisions, and keep everything confidential.

The information that you gather and store is sensitive – and also highly valuable to hackers. Finance and insurance offices are prime targets for threat actors wanting to steal this information and sell it on the dark web.

The best way to counter security threats and maintain the highest level of performance is to use dedicated fiber internet.

What is Dedicated Fiber Internet?

Dedicated fiber internet provides your finance or insurance office a direct connection to the internet. You get symmetrical speeds, which means that you get the same upload and download speeds you pay for.

Not all internet connections are the same. Even if business internet service providers say that they provide fiber services, you may still be getting shared connections. Your speed and quality can vary depending on what other businesses are doing.

Dedicated fiber from LOGIX Fiber Networks means no sharing with others. You get a consistent, reliable, high-quality and secure internet connection.

How Dedicated Fiber Internet Works for Finance and Insurance Offices

Here are some of the biggest benefits of deploying dedicated fiber internet for financial services and insurance companies.


Because of the nature of the data they collect and store, financial and insurance providers are bound by a significant set of compliance measures. Yours may include:

  • PCI DSS for credit card information
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) for financial record-keeping
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) for financial activities
  • HIPAA for any medical information

There are also state and regional regulations depending on where you do business, such as:

Besides regulatory compliance, you have a duty to keep personal customer information and other data accessible on your network secure. Dedicated fiber creates a private connection to the internet that enhances the security and safety of your data.

The best way to counter security threats and maintain the highest levels of performance is to use dedicated fiber internet. You can also add necessary security controls such as SD-WAN and next-generation firewalls (NGFW) as part of a Secure Access Security Edge (SASE) solution.

Dedicated fiber is the most secure connection you can have. It meets or exceeds industry and compliance regulations for keeping personal information safe and private.

Connecting with Your Customers

Besides keeping sensitive information private, dedicated fiber also helps keep you connected with your customers. Business phone service such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and videoconferencing requires a higher level of internet connectivity. Dedicated fiber provides low latency for smooth real-time communication.

Reliability and Performance

Dedicated fiber is more reliable than any other connectivity option. The best business internet and business phone service providers will guarantee 99.999% uptime, with a service-level agreement (SLA) for reliable voice and video calling. Dedicated fiber reduces latency, packet loss and jitter, which affects the quality of your connection, and is especially important for real-time communication.

Consistency and Speed

With shared internet connections, your speed fluctuates. That may be fine at certain times, but costly at others. If you are making a trade, transferring money or making important decisions based on real-time data, you cannot afford lag time.

With dedicated fiber for business, you get the same fast speeds consistently, even during peak usage. In financial services, you need to move quickly. Dedicated fiber internet provides the fastest speeds available.


Dedicated fiber can grow as your finance or insurance business grows. Your business phone service provider can help you scale rapidly as your business requirements evolve. With dedicated fiber installed, you can readily upgrade speeds and capacity.

Choose LOGIX for Dedicated Fiber for Finance and Insurance Offices

LOGIX Fiber Networks operates the most trusted fiber network in Texas. With 300,000 fiber miles throughout Texas and connections to more than 3,000 enterprise buildings and nearly 80+ 3rd party data centers, LOGIX offers the fastest, most reliable and most secure internet connectivity you can get.

LOGIX dedicated fiber service is monitored 24/7 year-round by a Texas-based Network Operations Center (NOC) and backed by Texas-based customer care and technicians. LOGIX offers a broad range of business phone services and data options including Business Voice, Business Internet, Business Ethernet, Business Wavelength, Cloud, Business Voice Trunks, Data Centers, SD-WAN and Cloud Connect.

If you are looking for highly secure, dedicated fiber internet for data, voice and data center access, or business phone service for your finance or insurance business, contact us to request a quote.

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