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Why You Need a Business Fiber Network Provider

When it comes to fiber internet for your business, speed and reliability are the two most important things to consider. If one or the other is lacking, it will negatively impact your business. If your goal is to have the fastest and most reliable internet, you need to work with a fiber internet for business provider. Fiber can be up to 10 times faster than a standard cable, DSL or copper connection. It is built for the bandwidth-heavy demands of today and you can scale your service up or down as your needs evolve. Simply put, fiber internet for business will provide you with the fastest and most reliable internet to keep your business running. Speed Fiber internet for business carries more network traffic efficiently. It has high bandwidth and low latency, which means faster response times and considerably fewer slowdowns, even during peak usage periods. Fiber-optic internet handles traffic more efficiently because the signal quality remains high even over long distances. With DSL, copper and Ethernet, transmission quality deteriorates as data moves farther away from the switch. LOGIX  provides speeds of up to 10 Gbps on fully dedicated fiber lines. This gives you direct access to 300,000 fiber miles on the LOGIX’s fiber network with the symmetrical speeds you need for consistent uploads and downloads. Reliability Fiber internet for business is the most reliable internet option. Fiber is stronger than copper and much less likely to break or be cut. Since fiber does not need the application of power within the transmission line, it is much less susceptible to inclement weather and is also immune to electrical interference from power lines or nearby equipment. As a business fiber network provider, LOGIX provides exceptional reliability. Service-level agreements guarantee a minimum of 99.999% uptime backed by 24/7 year-round monitoring at LOGIX’s network operations center, where an experienced information technology team constantly monitors performance and security. Fiber Network Services Fiber internet for business does not just excel in speed and reliability. Implementing fiber network services can enhance your business operations with an assortment of options. Here are just some of the fiber network services LOGIX offers in addition to business internet:
  • Business voice provides enterprise-class business internet and phone. Dedicated and secure connections over fiber will provide the highest quality, and fiber internet for business eliminates many of the latency issues businesses face when using cable for internet. Latency is the amount of delay you experience. So low latency is better, and results in better-quality voice and video calls and faster speeds when moving data to and from the cloud.
  • Business voice cloud can optimize your communications platform with voice and unified communications, including hosted private branch exchange, to reduce costs and better accommodate remote employees and those working at home. Unified communications tools can provide the same level of access and communications, whether your employees are working in the office or elsewhere.
  • With 92% of organizations reporting that they are doing at least some business in the cloud, cloud connect provides private, secure and reliable fiber network connections to leading cloud service providers. Whether you are using the public cloud, a private cloud, multicloud solutions or a hybrid approach, fiber internet for business will give you the best performance.
  • Business wavelength can handle multiple data, voice and video applications in native protocols. You can scale bandwidth easily without having to deal with complex network management.
  • Business Ethernet can connect one or more company locations on the LOGIX fiber network for advanced voice and data applications.
Fiber Internet is Better for Your Business If you’re still not convinced, here are two more reasons why fiber internet is better for your business. First, fiber gives you greater security to protect proprietary information. It is possible to tap cable and other wired connections, but the only way to penetrate fiber is to cut it. And if that happens, transmissions stop. Companies like LOGIX have built-in redundancy. So if the fiber were cut somehow, traffic can be rerouted automatically to keep you up and running. Second, fiber is scalable. Compared to other types of connections, you can scale up or down as your business needs change quickly and easily. A simple call to your fiber network services provider is typically all it takes to get a speed boost. LOGIX Fiber Networks: Built for Business LOGIX connects more than 3,000 enterprise buildings, 10,000 businesses and 105 data centers, and is constantly growing its network throughout Texas. With best-in-class network reliability, LOGIX provides internet speeds of up to 10 Gbps with fast response times and flexible options. Featuring fiber internet for business, Ethernet for business, business voice services and an assortment of fiber network services for business, LOGIX can handle all of your fiber internet for business needs. When considering a business fiber network provider, contact LOGIX by calling 1-888-505-6449, or request a quote.