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Why Fiber is the Best for Business Phone Service

Despite the growth of email, text messaging and other forms of electronic communication, phone service is still vital for businesses. If your business phone service stops working, it can frustrate your employees and your customers. Even short-term interruptions can cost you money, especially if they happen at the wrong time.

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, you need the best business phone system built on a reliable network with optimal uptime. That is fiber.

When using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for your business phone service, the quality of your service is directly proportional to the quality and speed of the internet connection. If you are using copper or coax lines with legacy systems, you depend on outdated and often unreliable technology.

Fiber vs. Copper vs. Coax for Business Phone Service

The phone company uses copper lines to wire up your business for phones. Cable companies and many other business phone providers use coaxial cable for connections. In every case, however, fiber outperforms other solutions.

Fiber Provides a Direct Connection

Copper or coax lines are typically shared among neighboring businesses. This shared service can put you in competition with other organizations for bandwidth. During peak times, you can see slower speeds and increased latency, which leads to lags in voice calls or delays in video calls.

Fiber provides a direct connection to your business with no sharing – in other words, you get the consistent high speeds that you are paying for, with low latency and a direct connection with your internet service provider for better business phone service.

Fiber is Faster and Symmetrical

There is a big difference between the speed of fiber versus any other internet connectivity. Fiber-optic cable uses light to transmit data. While your data will not go at the speed of light, it is not far behind. Fiber-optic cable can provide more than 1,000 times the bandwidth of copper lines and go more than 100 times farther without affecting quality.

With fiber connections, you can get speeds that are 10 times faster than coax and are symmetrical. “Symmetrical” means that you get the same fast upload and download speeds with fiber. With coax, your upload speeds are capped at a fraction of your download speeds.

Fiber is More Reliable

Fiber provides a better overall internet experience for everyone. Even if someone’s computer or phone service is at the “end of the line” with fiber, you will see little to no difference in the signal quality. Coax and copper degrade the farther they are from the origin point.

Fiber performs better in severe weather and temperature extremes, both common in Texas. Because fiber uses light rather than electric signals, it is not susceptible to the electrical interference that you might experience during a thunderstorm.

Fiber is Scalable

If you need to increase your speeds or add additional capacity to your business phone system, fiber makes it easy. You can add, delete or reassign phones without having to rewire or call the phone company for a visit. In most cases, you can do it yourself quickly.

If you need to increase your speeds, add additional user licenses or make other changes to your service, simply call your business phone service provider.

Fiber is More Secure

While you can tap into data sent over phone lines, intercepting data over fiber is nearly impossible. Any attempt to cut into a fiber line would sever the connection. Because you are not sharing your internet connection with someone else, your calls are private.

A Business Phone Service Works Better on Fiber

With a dedicated fiber connection, you do not have to worry about internet slowdowns affecting the quality of your calls. You get the advanced calling features of a VoIP or a hosted private branch exchange to make your business more efficient, with a reliable, scalable, fast and secure connection.

Work with the Best Business Phone System Provider

LOGIX Fiber Networks delivers fast and reliable business phone service using dedicated fiber connections. The largest independent fiber provider in Texas, LOGIX manages more than 300,000 fiber miles. With a Texas-based Network Operations Center and Texas-based Customer Support team, LOGIX provides 24/7 year-round network monitoring for performance and security.

LOGIX has multiple fiber rings in major Texas markets to provide the most reliable fiber internet and best phone service you can get. A state-of-the-art core backbone and diverse Tier-1 internet peering points offer multiple pathways to the internet to avoid traffic congestion and ensure that you have the fastest speeds possible.

Unlike national business phone providers, LOGIX provides friendly, local service. If a problem arises, we have technicians nearby ready to handle it.

Contact LOGIX Fiber Networks today to request a quote for the best business phone system and business phone service.