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Why You Should Choose an Austin Data Center

The Austin area has been the fastest-growing major metropolitan area in the country for the past nine years, and Austin consistently ranks as one of America’s top high-tech cities. It is home to the Texas state capitol as well as one of the 10 largest universities in the country. This unique backdrop and robust infrastructure make a data center in Austin a good choice. The LOGIX Austin Data Center The LOGIX Austin data center is located in the central business district and caters to a range of local and global industries. Technology, finance, Internet of Things, semiconductor, industrial and health care companies all house their data with LOGIX. It features a world-class data facility, multiple carrier backbone, dual backup power supplies, 2,000-kVA transformers and a backup diesel generator. While Texas sees its share of hurricanes and tornadoes, such weather events are extremely rare in Austin. The LOGIX Austin data center offers a highly reliable infrastructure, robust connectivity options, flexible and scalable space, and customized solutions. It is built and actively managed to deliver best-in-class performance and reliability. The LOGIX Austin data center works for a variety of environments, including high-density and high-availability solutions. Controlled Environment Environmental systems include pre-action fire suppression and a heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system that meets N+1 standards. The electrical power and cooling architecture use advanced components designed for redundancy in order to deliver exceptional uptime and uninterrupted power. Austin data center service-level agreements (SLAs) meet or exceed the most stringent data-center requirements, including the availability of a 100% uptime SLA. Rigorous Standards The LOGIX Austin data center meets the most stringent standards. It is a Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) 18-audited facility that is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliant, and has Service Organization Control (SOC) 1 and SOC 2 certification. Carrier-Neutral Facilities The LOGIX Austin data center is carrier-neutral with more than 70 carrier options, which enables you to use the carrier of your choice and provides redundancy. Multiple Levels of Redundancy Besides multiple carriers, the data center’s footprint offers multiple levels of redundancy. It is possible to connect dual-input power cables to two utility sources. In case of any outage, static transfer switches can automatically switch between sources to maintain power. 24/7 Year-Round Monitoring The LOGIX Austin data center is staffed 24/7 year-round with in-house remote hands support. This helps prevent interruptions before they occur. Flexibility and Scalability The LOGIX Austin data center is highly flexible and provides for rapid scalability as business demands evolve. Whether your organization needs a dedicated cabinet, private cage, multiple racks or flexible power configurations, the LOGIX Austin data center can accommodate your needs. Multitenant cages are semi-private and secured. Private pods and custom suites are also available. Austin Data Center LOGIX’s Austin data center offers colocation for companies as a way to minimize costs and provide higher reliability. Whether businesses locate their data in a colocation data center or use multiple data-center facilities to house servers, there are significant benefits to using an Austin data center. The LOGIX Austin data center offers the ultimate in reliability, with a fault-tolerant infrastructure and power feeds. It simplifies information technology (IT) management with a cloud networking and storage solution that can meet your security demands without the high cost of building and maintaining an on-premises data center. The benefits of collocating with LOGIX’s Austin data center include:
  • Lower costs versus housing and maintaining on-premises data centers.
  • Shared costs for a secure, properly maintained environment and technical support staff.
  • Built for high redundancy, including redundant power, backup power generators and multiple carrier connectivity.
  • Predictable costs so businesses can better manage budgets.
  • Rapid scalability when business needs change, including fast provisioning with order-dedicated bandwidth options up to 100 GB.
  • Biometrically secured sites with private access cage availability.
The Austin data center provides redundancy and faster disaster recovery and business continuity. Using an Austin colocation option improves your risk management. When mission-critical equipment is at an off-site data center, redundancy and security remain in place even in the event of a disaster. Free Data-Center RFP Template Download this data-center request for proposal (RFP) template, created by LOGIX, which provides a roadmap of best practices from industry experts, including several of the largest enterprise data-center providers, enterprise IT experts, leading data-center and colocation trade journals, research analysts, and data-center managers. It is designed to help businesses scope out data-center requirements and evaluate providers. LOGIX Fiber Networks Data Centers for Colocation LOGIX Fiber Networks provides robust, reliable and redundant data centers in Austin, Houston and Dallas. This geographic diversity assures reliability and simplifies disaster recovery. With 300,000 fiber miles of dedicated and owned fiber, LOGIX connects nearly 80+ third-party data centers, 3,000 enterprise buildings and 10,000 demanding Texas businesses. With a flexible and highly reliable infrastructure, robust connectivity options and customized solutions, LOGIX colocation data centers are an enterprise-class solution. Contact LOGIX today for more information about Austin data-center options.