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Why You Should Select Austin as Your Data Center Location

More than 8,300 high-tech companies call Austin home, and that number continues to grow at a pace of more than 8% a year. From computer and electronics manufacturers to pharmaceutical and medical companies to educational and business services, Austin consistently ranks in the top three cities in the country for high-tech jobs.

Powering these companies requires reliable and redundant tech solutions. Whether your company is in the high-tech sector or not, you benefit from these companies doing business in Austin because of the abundance of high-quality facilities, such as the LOGIX Austin data center.

Austin Data Center

LOGIX operates its Austin data center at 1905 East Sixth Street, about a mile west of I-35 and less than 2 miles from the State Capitol building.

Austin Data Center Security

LOGIX provides 24/7 year-round monitoring and secure access. To protect your equipment and data in case of natural disasters, the Austin colocation center has pre-action, dry-piped-zoned fire suppression systems in case of fire.

This secure environment also allows you to maintain compliance with HIPAA, PCI, and other compliance requirements to keep your sensitive data secure. Facilities are audited and SOC compliant to SOC 1 Type II and SOC 23 Type II requirements.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from racks, cabinets, cages, data halls or private suites.

High-density solutions enable you to maximize the amount of space you are using while retaining the ability to scale as your business grows.

Austin Data Center Reliability

Austin colocation facilities are built for maximum redundancy. This includes redundant power systems, electrical systems and cooling architectures. You can also get A/B diverse power feeds with flexible power configurations for failover in case of disruption. LOGIX offers 100% uptime service-level agreements (SLAs) for power.

Austin Data Center Connectivity

The LOGIX Austin colocation center allows you to connect directly to the LOGIX Fiber Network, the largest independent fiber network in the state of Texas. The Austin data center is carrier-neutral, which means that you also have a variety of carrier options. You can connect to other third-party providers for redundant connectivity.

You may want to combine your Austin data center with additional connectivity options, including Business Ethernet, Business Wavelength, SD-WAN and Cloud Connect.

Austin Data Center Support

LOGIX also offers remote hands support to handle routine technical tasks and emergencies. On-site technicians can handle tasks such as racking, stacking and cabling of equipment; cage and cabinet audits; installations; basic monitoring, rebooting and power cycling; troubleshooting; and emergency repairs.

Remote hands support alleviates the need for your IT team to run back and forth to the facility, speeds response times, and allows your IT teams to focus on running the business instead of conducting routine maintenance.

A Complimentary Data Center RFP Template

You will probably look at multiple providers for your Austin colocation needs. However, when evaluating multiple providers, you should use a consistent request for proposal (RFP).

Here is a data center RFP template that can help. Simply fill in the template to reflect your criteria and customize it as needed to make sure that any provider you approach knows your specific requirements. The template can help you make better decisions when comparing different data center solutions.

The Best Austin Colocation Solution

After completing your due diligence, we are confident you will find that LOGIX can handle all of your Austin colocation needs.

Besides the Austin data center, LOGIX Fiber Networks provides reliable and redundant data centers in Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth. This geographic diversity assures even greater reliability and can simplify disaster recovery.

When you choose a LOGIX data center, you avoid the complexities of working with national data center providers, as well as unpredictable invoices or hidden fees. You will get friendly service and support from our Texas-based customer care center and a customized contract that fits your business needs.

LOGIX owns and operates more than 300,000 miles of fiber throughout Texas and also connects to more than 80+ third-party data centers, 3,000 enterprise buildings and 10,000 Texas businesses. With a flexible and highly reliable infrastructure, multiple connectivity options and customized solutions, LOGIX colocation data centers are an enterprise-class solution.

To learn more about Austin data center and colocation service options or to take a tour, contact LOGIX Fiber Networks today or call 281-688-6283.