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Why You Should Select Houston as Your Data Center Location

Houston is the fourth-most populous city in the country, in one of the biggest states in the nation. Home to the Johnson Space Center, some of the nation’s leading medical institutions, and the second-largest concentration of Fortune 1000 companies, Houston features a diverse business climate that demands reliable data centers.

Because of this, businesses in the Houston area have access to some of the best technology solutions you will find anywhere, including data centers operated by LOGIX Fiber Networks.

Houston Data Center Locations

  • LOGIX has three data center locations in the Houston area: 1510 Primewest Parkway in Katy 811 Louisiana Street 4635 Southwest Freeway

LOGIX Houston data centers offer on-site security guards and 24/7 year-round monitoring to protect your equipment and data. You can also get dedicated cabinets, cages, halls or private suites with scalable options. LOGIX provides best-in-class performance and reliability for high-density infrastructure and high-availability solutions.

Secure and Reliable

The Katy data center, located 28 miles from downtown Houston, is just two miles from Interstate 10 and is outside commercial flight paths and the 500-year flood plain. The building itself is rated to sustain 135-mph winds and made it through Hurricane Harvey with no disruption to customers.

This Houston data center is staffed 24/7 year-round and features armed guards and PIN pad and biometric access controls. It also has an A/B chiller with redundant compressors and A/B pumps. Even the water system has been designed to keep the facility cool without relying on public water. Instead, it uses a closed-loop system for greater reliability.

Multiple generator backup systems are on-site, with plenty of diesel fuel to keep the facility operating in case of a power failure.

LOGIX provides these additional safeguards to protect the facility:

  • Pre-action, dry-piped-zoned fire suppression systems in case of fire.
  • A backup chilled-water storage system in case the chillers go down.

While you maintain control over your equipment and data, LOGIX handles everything else so that you can focus on your business. Each facility features redundant power systems, electrical systems and cooling architectures in order to guarantee 100% uptime service-level agreements for power.

You can also get A/B diverse power feeds with flexible power configurations. If one power source fails, the secondary power source is automatically engaged so you avoid downtime. 

Flexible Connectivity Options

LOGIX Houston data centers are carrier-neutral. You can take advantage of LOGIX Fiber Networks and/or choose among multiple internet providers. Many companies choose two providers to provide full redundancy.

You can also combine your Houston data center with additional LOGIX service options, including Business Ethernet, Business Wavelength, SD-WAN and Cloud Connect.

Remote Hands Support

LOGIX provides remote hands support, such as installing new equipment, replacing a failed drive, power-cycling a device and checking equipment status. This reduces the need to send someone to the data center to handle routine maintenance or support.

Complimentary Data Center RFP Template

If you are planning to compare Houston data centers  for your business, make sure that you have outlined your requirements in a request for proposal (RFP) template.

You can use this data center RFP template when evaluating providers. Fill in the template to reflect your criteria and customize as needed – it can help you make better decisions when comparing different data center solutions.

After you compare, we think you will find that LOGIX Fiber Networks is uniquely qualified to be your Houston data center and handle all of your colocation needs. LOGIX Fiber Networks provides reliable and redundant data centers in Austin, Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth. This geographic diversity assures reliability and enables disaster recovery.

With 300,000 miles of dedicated and owned fiber, LOGIX connects nearly 80+ third-party data centers, 3,000 enterprise buildings and 10,000 Texas businesses. With a flexible and highly reliable infrastructure, multiple connectivity options and customized solutions, LOGIX colocation data centers are enterprise-class facilities.

To learn more about Houston data center and colocation services options or to take a tour, contact LOGIX Fiber Networks today or call 281-688-6283.