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Moving Offices? Why Selecting Fiber Internet for Business is Your Best Choice

If you are moving offices, you probably have a long list of things on your to-do list. One thing that you should include is choosing fiber internet for business at your new office location – leaving slow, unreliable and frustrating internet behind, and upgrading to lightning-fast and reliable internet to power your business. Four Reasons Why Fiber Internet for Business is a Better Solution If you are using cable or phone company solutions for your business internet, here are four criteria you should examine. In every case, fiber internet for business offers a clear advantage. Reason No. 1: Reliability When it comes to fiber network services, the most important thing is reliability. It does not matter how fast or affordable it is if you cannot depend on it when you need it. Fiber provides the most reliable internet connection available. Not only is it difficult to break, but it is not susceptible to electrical interference from storms because it uses light to transmit data. Coaxial cable and copper wiring can be affected by electrical noise, susceptible to damage, and easy to cut. They are also more likely to go down during severe weather. Advantage: fiber internet for business. Reason No. 2: Speeds A fiber network service gives you the fastest speeds possible. Some cable internet services offer gigabit speeds, but if you need more than that, fiber is your only choice. Although cable or copper internet may be able to deliver fast download speeds, they typically throttle upload speeds. Even if you can get downloads at gigabit speeds, your upload speed could be less than 10% of that. If you are moving a lot of data back and forth, slow upload speeds could hinder your employees’ ability to get their work done and impact their productivity. Fiber internet for business enables symmetrical speeds, which means that you get the same fast speeds for uploads and downloads. Another problem is that cable and phone companies and national internet service providers often share lines. This means that the speed you get could depend on what neighboring businesses or residential neighborhoods are doing online. If your internet bogs down at times, this may be the reason why. Fiber network service providers install a dedicated fiber line from your business directly to the network. This means no sharing, more reliable speeds and minimal downtime. Cable and copper lines lose their signal strength the farther they are from the network switch. If you have computers or other devices that are at the end of the line, or if you have to use a lot of cabling to connect equipment in your business, some of your team members will have slower speeds and less reliable connections. Fiber can extend for hundreds of miles before even the slightest degradation occurs. Advantage: fiber internet for business. Reason No. 3: Latency The offers you see from national business internet providers, cable companies and residential providers will include references to their high speeds. But there is another important part of the equation – latency. Latency refers to the speed at which data is pushed to its destination. Fiber provides significantly lower latency than other internet solutions. This example illustrates why low latency is important. Voice over Internet Protocol works by breaking your voice down into data packets that are sent over the internet. At the other end, the packets are reassembled so that the person can hear what you are saying. To make it work seamlessly, you need low latency to ensure that the data moves quickly. If you have ever heard a lag in a voice call or a delay on a video call, you know how annoying it is. Low latency translates to better quality for voice and video calls, faster data transmission, and the ability to upload and download large files without service disruptions. Advantage: fiber internet for business. Reason No. 4: Scalability As your business evolves, your needs may change. You may run into delays or difficulty making changes to your service if you are using a cable company or phone company for your internet service. You may need to schedule a service call and wait a week or more for someone to physically come to your location. With fiber network service, you can instantly adjust your service level to accommodate peak usage periods or permanent upgrades. In most cases, you can make changes the same day without having to schedule a service call. Advantage: fiber internet for business. The Clear Winner? Fiber In every case, fiber internet for business is a better choice. If you are moving to a new office, you should also plan to move to a fiber network service to get faster speeds, better reliability and more flexibility. You may even save money by switching to fiber and will be able to take advantage of services such as hosted private branch exchange, soft clients, unified communication, conferencing and collaboration tools. As the preferred fiber network provider for Texas businesses, LOGIX connects more than 10,000 businesses, 3,000 enterprise buildings and 105 data centers. LOGIX is built for business. Contact LOGIX today for more information or to request a quote.