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Why Service Matters When Choosing a Fiber Network Provider

If your fiber internet for business goes down, it can be costly. Your employees may not be able to work, your customers may not be able to contact you, and it can damage your reputation. Information Technology Intelligence Consulting’s latest Hourly Cost of Downtime report revealed that an hour of unplanned downtime costs more than $300,000 for 91% of mid-sized and large enterprises. Nearly half of companies reported outage costs exceeding $1 million.

While the costs may be much less for smaller businesses, the impact can be just as damaging. If your customers cannot get through to you or you cannot conduct business, it is frustrating.

If you are working with the wrong company for your fiber internet for business, outages may occur more often than you might think. In one recent study, 80% of organizations said that they had an outage in the past three years, while 41% experienced unexpected downtime weekly or monthly. Most importantly, about 20% of businesses surveyed said they had undergone a significant outage that negatively affected their reputation, revenue or ability to maintain regulatory compliance.

Sometimes, it can even go from bad to worse. In a survey of customers that had disputes with their internet service provider, as many as half said their complaints were never fully addressed.

Service Matters

When you have a problem and call for help, it can be a frustrating experience, especially when your business is disrupted and you are stuck on hold. It’s impossible not to think about the money you are losing with each passing minute.

With some business fiber network providers, you might get through to someone who is reading off a script, does not have the experience to assess your problem, or is rude. Even when they do start a trouble ticket, not all providers have crews standing by to work on your problem. In some cases, they must find and contract technicians or bring them in from out of state.

In other cases, the fiber internet for businesses they provide may be on leased or rented lines. This also adds time as they work with other providers to try to diagnose and resolve problems. Sometimes, it leads to squabbles about who is responsible for fixing problems and exacerbates downtime.

These things do not happen with LOGIX.

LOGIX provides fast and friendly service to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Texas-based support teams comprise trained professionals ready to answer your call and get to work. Local technicians are nearby in metropolitan areas, minimizing frustrating response times and downtime.

A Business Fiber Network Provider You Can Trust

Businesses today rely on the internet and cloud services more than ever before. Whether it is accessing business software, cloud servers or Voice over Internet Protocol, or managing remote or distributed work teams, reliable service is nonnegotiable.

LOGIX Fiber Networks provides exceptional reliability and a 99.999% uptime guarantee, and monitors performance and security at its Texas-based network operations center 24/7 year-round. With multiple fiber rings in major Texas markets, diverse Tier-1 internet peering points and a state-of-the-art core backbone, LOGIX customers enjoy optimal network uptime, throughput and performance, providing redundancy to avoid downtime.

Why So Many Texas Businesses Choose LOGIX

More than 10,000 businesses have chosen LOGIX as their business fiber network provider.

LOGIX is the largest independent fiber provider in Texas and operates 300,000 miles of fiber throughout the state. By partnering with LOGIX, you get the most reliable fiber internet for business available. If problems come up, you can depend on fast, friendly service.

Here is what some LOGIX customers have to say about the service they received:

“Outstanding experience! If anyone wants top-notch service along with an amazing team to work with, LOGIX is the way to go!”
Jeremiah N
“LOGIX has been very responsive to any issues I’ve had. Great customer service!”
Matt M.
“The attention to detail and service will exceed your expectations.”
Phyllis T.

If you are looking for fast and reliable fiber internet for business backed by exceptional service and friendly Texas-based support, choose LOGIX.

Contact LOGIX Fiber Networks today to request a quote and experience the LOGIX difference.