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Why Top Companies Are Switching To Hosted PBX Business Phone

When the data scientists at MIT Sloan examined the top-performing companies, they found a set of common traits that set them apart from their competitors. Data from more than 1.2 million employees working at 500 of the world’s leading companies provided clues to their success. The common denominator among these successful companies? Culture. Companies with strong cultures saw a quadruple increase in revenue growth.

The Nine Values of a Strong Business Culture

MIT Sloan identified nine values that define a strong business culture. Top-performing companies excel in these key areas:
  • Agility.
  • Collaboration.
  • A customer-centric focus.
  • Diversity.
  • Execution.
  • Innovation.
  • Integrity.
  • Performance.
  • Respect.
If you are a business leader reading this and wondering what these values have to do with a hosted private branch exchange (PBX) system, there is a direct connection. A hosted PBX system can directly impact your culture and these nine cultural values. Agility A hosted PBX system provides outstanding agility. As your business grows or evolves, your phone system can grow right along with you. It’s easy to add new phone lines or make changes to your hosted PBX system and take advantage of business opportunities. Unlike traditional phone services that use an on-premises PBX or work with the local telephone company, you can make changes incredibly fast without requiring someone to come to your offices. Collaboration A hosted PBX can facilitate employees working together using unified communications, such as voice and video conferencing or collaboration tools. A Customer-Centric Focus Your business will be better prepared to serve your customers in a variety of ways. A hosted PBX system can include advanced calling features such as auto-attendant, call forwarding, three-way calling, call recording, messaging, and more. Adding soft clients to desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices lets employees work remotely or at home without sacrificing access to these features. Customers experience the same level of service as if they called the home office. Diversity Top-performing companies promote diversity in the workplace. A hosted PBX makes high-level functionality available to everyone – allowing businesses to set up persona-based packaging and customize their hosted PBX system to suit each user’s diverse needs. Execution One of the defining characteristics of culture in top-performing businesses is that they provide the resources employees need to get the job done. A hosted PBX equips employees with the communication tools they need to efficiently manage work tasks, customer communications and collaboration. Innovation Top-performing companies foster a spirit of innovation. They actively look for ways to cut costs, manage more efficiently, and leverage technology to grow the business. A hosted PBX does all of these things. A hosted PBX also has a lower total cost of ownership. There is no upfront investment in an on-site PBX: Your hosted PBX system provider will be responsible for upgrades, maintenance and any repairs. Many businesses save as much as 50% over their existing or legacy business phone service. Mobility, agility and scalability promote the ability to adapt rapidly. The tools that come with a hosted PBX solution lead to productivity gains. These features help businesses deal with customers more efficiently and work together to build a more robust communications hub. Integrity Choosing the right hosted PBX provider gives businesses a more reliable business phone solution. For example, a provider with a dedicated fiber connection can guarantee 99.999% uptime for improved reliability. In case of a power outage or localized disaster, your hosted PBX system provider can route calls to other locations or mobile devices, so you don’t miss customer calls. Data is hosted securely in the cloud, which means you won’t lose access in the event of a flood, fire or other on-site disasters. Performance A hosted PBX provides a high level of performance. Besides reliability, it offers high-quality voice calls and optimized performance. A best-in-class hosted PBX system provider will have 24/7 year-round network monitoring to deliver consistent and reliable quality. Respect A hosted PBX system respects your time and investment. Because everything is handled by your hosted PBX system provider, you do not need information technology specialists to manage your business phone service. Your team members can concentrate on growing your business, and stop worrying about the maintenance, upgrades and management of your phone system.

A Hosted PBX System Built for Business

When talking about the nine traits that define the culture in successful businesses, LOGIX lives this culture every day. LOGIX provides business voice and data solutions offering flexible options, best-in-class reliability and exceptional service from local employees with a built-for-business fiber network. LOGIX is the preferred fiber provider of Texas businesses and is trusted by more than 10,000 of the most demanding companies. LOGIX delivers dedicated fiber monitored 24/7 year-round, providing the most reliable hosted PBX and Voice over Internet Protocol business phone solutions to help businesses reach their top performance. Contact LOGIX and request a quote today.