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Why Your Business Deserves a Built for Business Internet Service with a Local Texas Presence

When it comes to a business internet service provider, who you choose, makes a big difference.  Your employees, suppliers, and customers all rely on your business having robust and reliable business broadband. For your business, a slow or undependable internet connection is more than just a frustration.  It hurts productivity. As more and more businesses use cloud services, internet issues mean serious problems and loss of productivity for your business. When customers reach out to you, they’re looking for information.  If they can’t reach you by phone, connect with you by email, and call up your website, they are likely to head to your competitors instead.  Any time that happens, you run the risk of losing a customer.  It can cost you immediate business and hurt your long-term reputation. One out of three customers says they’d consider switching to a competitor after just one bad customer experience.

The Internet Drives Today’s Businesses

Using cloud-based applications provides many advantages, including reduced costs in software and hardware, increased reliability, and dedicated security.  That’s why 96% of businesses are now using the cloud services in some form. The internet is the link to applications that leverage your business critical files.  It connects you to handle transactions, back up your data, and share work with colleagues.  It’s the way you send and receive emails, do video conferencing, and share documents.  It may be the backbone for your business connectivity. If your service isn’t reliable it canseverely handicap your employees, frustrates your customers, and can cost you revenue.  The average cost of downtime can exceed $10,000 per hour for even small businesses.  For large enterprises, that number can skyrocket into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. If it happens at times of peak demand, it can be disastrous.  Costco’s connection was slow for 16 hours during the Thanksgiving/Black Friday sales.  It’s estimated that the company lost $11 million during that time.

Why You Need Business Internet Service

You may be tempted to use a residential internet service provider for your business, but here’s why that might not be such a good idea. Static IPs Residential service typically uses dynamic IP addresses.  They’ll change monthly and sometimes each time you access the internet.  LOGIX Fiber’s business internet service can supply you with a permanent, static IP address which gives you greater control and works best for email servers, websites, or third-party services. Speed Residential services will advertise high-speed internet, but many throttle upload speeds and have data caps.  Throttling can slow down your service at peak times or cause delays in uploading data. LOGIX Fiber’s business internet services offer symmetrical speeds.  This means you get the same speeds for uploads and downloads.  We offer unlimited plans with no throttling. Residential service is most often shared with other users.  LOGIX’S Business internet service offers dedicated business broadband. Customer Support For business, customer support is crucial.  If your internet service goes down, it costs you money.  With residential service, you can get lost in the shuffle with customer support.  Business customers with LOGIX Fiber have 24/7/365 support and network monitoring. Guaranteed Uptime Residential internet services won’t guarantee uptime.  LOGIX’s proven business internet service puts its uptime guarantee in writing with a Service Level Agreements (SLA).  We offer guaranteed uptime exceeding 99% (or higher) and provide credits if we ever miss the mark. Security Your proprietary data, customer information, and sensitive information can live securely in the cloud with business internet service providers.  At LOGIX, we have dedicated network security specialists and IT staffing that monitors for breaches and data leakage.

Your Company Deserves Business Internet with a Texas Presence

When it comes to choosing business internet service providers, there’s a big difference.  LOGIX Fiber Networks is a Texas-based company. We’ve invested in more than 300,000 of fiber miles, connecting more than 3,000 enterprise buildings.  With Data Centers in Austin, Dallas, and Houston, we offer fast speeds and exceptional bandwidth to support data and voice. Our LOGIX Texas Network Operations Center (NOC) continuously monitors network performance to provide the best, robust, and reliable business broadband.  When you need support, our support teams and technicians are here in Texas.  There’s no calling a national number or talking to someone overseas. More than 10,000 businesses depend on LOGIX for the most reliable business internet service. Request a quote to learn more about our fiber network and business Internet solutions or call 1-888-505-6449 to speak with a member of our sales team.