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Why You Need Fiber-Optic Internet for Your Business

If you want your business internet to run smoothly, efficiently and with little to no downtime, you need fiber-optic internet for business. With fast symmetrical speeds, reliable dedicated fiber connections and unlimited bandwidth, it’s the perfect solution for fast-paced enterprises of any size. Think about what would happen to your business if your internet service went down for an hour. For most organizations, it would cause significant problems. Worldwide, 98% of businesses say that 1 hour of downtime costs at least $100,000.  A third of companies surveyed said that one hour would cost them more than $1 million in revenue and productivity. Your business may not see losses like that, but with the increased reliance we all have on business internet, there will certainly be a cost.

Reliable Business Internet

Reliability is one of the hallmarks of fiber optic internet for business. Dedicated connections, built on a fiber-optic backbone, limit downtime. Redundant fiber paths make sure that you will still have service even if there’s a problem somewhere in the network. If the connection hits a bottleneck, it can automatically reroute your internet traffic to prevent interruptions. With LOGIX uptime exceeding 99.999%, you can count on consistent internet network services to keep you in business.

Dazzling Speeds

Your business may not need 100 Gbps speeds, but LOGIX fiber-optic internet built for business can deliver it. Businesses can choose the amount of bandwidth they need along with the service-level guarantee that fits their business. Fiber-optic internet also provides symmetrical speeds, which means that you will have the same blazing fast speed for uploads and downloads. With LOGIX, there’s no “bandwidth throttling” or data caps, which means you’ll have truly unlimited business internet. Most businesses are connected to the internet almost continuously with desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile devices or VoIP. Data streams are constantly flying back and forth to cloud servers and storage. Fiber-optic internet for business delivers high bandwidth to handle all of these devices and actions. Fiber-optic cable transmits internet signals using light, meaning that data moves at the speed of light. This results in lower latency than other internet solutions where data moves between points. It all but eliminates slowdowns in transit.

Public, Private and Dedicated Connections

Whether you connect to the public internet or need a private internet connection, dedicated fiber is your best bet. A dedicated fiber-optic connection delivers your data directly to the internet. This eliminates sharing bandwidth with other nearby businesses, which might negatively impact your speed. You won’t see any slowdowns during peak usage times. This dedicated fiber connection means unmatched reliability for your business. Most companies need a dedicated connection to the public internet. Others want a dedicated private connection for handling large data sets and other data-intensive applications. With LOGIX, you’ll have the option to choose what’s right for you. More than 90% of all businesses use the cloud in some form. The vast majority have a multicloud strategy or a hybrid cloud solution combining public and private clouds. They may use a public cloud for data stored on shared cloud servers while putting proprietary or sensitive data on a private cloud server.

Secure Networks

Fiber-optic cable is very secure and provides peace of mind that someone isn’t listening in on your VoIP calls or intercepting your data. In fact, to illegally tap into your access, a hacker would have to cut the cable itself, a very difficult feat indeed.

Virtually Future Proof

One of the biggest frustrations (and expense) for businesses is staying on top of current technology. Fiber-optic internet for business is virtually future proof.  LOGIX can upgrade the speed of a fiber network quickly and easily with no downtime. This ability to quickly scale can be critical to your business growth As businesses add new equipment or replace old technology, LOGIX can add capacity to handle changes without worry.

LOGIX Fiber Networks

LOGIX’s fiber network spans more than 300,000 miles, and more than 10,000 businesses of all sizes depend on LOGIX for their business internet. See if LOGIX fiber internet is in your building. With 105 data centers located throughout Texas and connections to 3,000 enterprise buildings, LOGIX has a fiber-optic network built for business. It’s the largest privately held fiber-optic network in the state. LOGIX monitors its fiber-optic internet network around the clock to make sure that your connection is stable and keep you online. Experienced IT professionals and customer support is available 24/7 year-round in case there’s ever a problem. Request a quote from LOGIX today and see how a built-for-business fiber-optic internet can help improve your productivity and profitability.