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Why Your Business Should Be Using VoIP Phone Services

Should your business be using business Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions?


You no longer need to rely on the local phone company for high-quality phone calls. By switching to VoIP business phone service, you can save money, improve mobility and take advantage of advanced calling features.

Here are just some reasons why switching to a business VoIP phone service makes sense.

Save Money

Business VoIP solutions save you money. Because your phone service is in the cloud, there is no upfront cost to add any additional hardware. You can eliminate your dependence on the local phone company for expensive maintenance and repair costs. Your VoIP phone services provider handles any updates.

Monthly fees include unlimited domestic long-distance calling and advanced calling features that may be add-ons for traditional business phone systems. This is one of the reasons why many businesses save 40% to 50% on their monthly phone bill when they switch to VoIP phone systems for business.


With direct dial capabilities, you can route incoming calls to any phone, the way you always have. However, VoIP also gives you the ability to make or receive calls with any connected device, a microphone and a speaker. This lets you work on a smartphone, desktop computer or laptop from anywhere without missing a call.

Adding a phone line or assigning a phone line to a different person is easy. You do not need to have the phone company come out and redo your wiring or connections. You can manage it from the website or a smartphone app.

You may want to consider adding a hosted private branch exchange (Hosted PBX) for even more flexibility. A Hosted PBX eliminates the need for an on-premises PBX, and the time and cost to maintain and upgrade your hardware. Your VoIP service provider will take care of any maintenance concerns.


Business VoIP solutions are also scalable. You can pay for what you need right now and upgrade your service at any time. Upgrades happen immediately, usually with just a call to your service provider.

Support for Remote Work

With VoIP, you do not need to be working at your desk to take calls. If you have an internet connection and a device with a VoIP app, you can work on the go. The full-feature set of a VoIP phone system for business is perfect for supporting remote employees.

You can assign employees a single phone number, even if they are working from home. Customers calling will not know whether someone is sitting in their office, working at home or elsewhere.

Ease of Use

Once your business VoIP phone services are set up, they are extremely easy to use. For employees that will continue using their desk phones, the only difference they will see is that they will have access to more advanced calling features. Other than that, it is business as usual.

You also get an online portal that lets you make changes quickly and easily.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

You can continue working in case of a power outage or disaster. With an internet connection, you always have a phone line. Voicemail and data are stored in the cloud so that you can access your data with no downtime.

Calling Features

Regardless of the size of your business, you can improve productivity by using calling features. You would pay extra for many of these services when using the local phone company, but they can be built into your business VoIP phone services.

These features include:

  • Hold and transfer.
  • Call forwarding.
  • Call waiting.
  • Three-way calling.
  • Caller ID.
  • Voicemail and voicemail to text.
  • Custom hold music.
  • Call recording.
  • Simultaneous and sequential ringing.
  • Auto-attendant.
  • Enhanced 911 service.

You can also add soft clients (apps) for voice and video calls, messaging and presence, and integrate with other applications such as Microsoft Teams for an even more robust collaboration solution.

Reliable, Clear Voice Quality

Voice calling over the internet has come a long way. With fiber internet, you no longer have to worry about poor quality. High-speed dedicated internet with synchronous speeds produces exceptionally low latency, virtually eliminating any quality concerns.

The best VoIP phone systems for business also offer redundancy to ensure that your business can continue making and receiving calls, even if one part of the system goes down.

Why You Should Choose LOGIX Fiber Networks for Your Business VoIP Solution

When you choose LOGIX as your business VoIP phone services provider, you can leverage the power of the largest independent fiber network in Texas. With 24/7 year-round monitoring at a Texas-based Network Operation Center (NOC) and friendly, local customer service and support, you can trust LOGIX Fiber Networks to provide the most reliable VoIP phone systems for business.

Ready to upgrade your phone system and enjoy 99.999% network availability, pristine call quality, fast synchronous internet speeds and low latency? Contact us to request a quote.