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LOGIX Wireless Backhaul Extends the Reach of Your Network

More than 200 million Americans can now access at least 5G coverage, and its rollout and promise changed what consumers want. A JD Power study revealed that consumers now have heightened expectations and faster speeds for mobile devices.

Carriers building out their 5G networks can face significant challenges, such as the limited range of 5G sites necessitating more and closer sites, and continuing attempts by local governments to regulate installations. The 5G rollout is far from complete.

Carriers are working through significant gaps in coverage and limitations that are slowing growth. Many carriers are now turning to wireless backhaul as a viable option to fill gaps, extend networks and deliver fast connectivity while building their networks.

LOGIX’s Wireless Backhaul is a flexible approach that can address backhaul, fronthaul or midhaul carrier services for wireless service providers.

Building Capacity

With the rapid deployment of 2G to 3G, 4G and now 5G, bandwidth requirements have escalated so quickly that the original network is no longer enough to support the traffic. These constraints require alternate solutions and rebuilding networks to accommodate higher speeds and more traffic.

Customers today are consuming more data than ever, with mobile traffic growing at an unprecedented rate. Ericsson's Mobility Report estimates that mobile data traffic will reach 90 EB (exabytes) per month by the end of 2022, with growth to 325 EB by 2028.

In addition, companies are launching new data-using mobile services. The Ericsson report also projects that individual mobile data usage will increase 559% by 2028, with the average person using more than 54 GB per month on their smartphones.

As carriers change over and redesign the infrastructure, they often need wireless backhaul to bridge the gap between towers or to manage demand.

At the same time, networks must be able to handle maximum loads – even though current demand may not require it – necessitating an expensive, time-consuming build that may take years to complete. In the meantime, many carriers connect wireless towers to fiber in the ground to handle traffic between towers or endpoints, or from one city to another while building out. In many cases, it may be far more affordable to use a wholesale fiber network service rather than build out every location.

Connecting the Network

If you think about a carrier network as a transportation system designed to move data, you can visualize how you need highways and roads to move from one location to another. If the roads are too small to handle the traffic, there can be significant congestion. If there is no connection between two locations, you may not be able to get from point A to point B, or have to take a circuitous route that causes delays.

A wireless backhaul can bridge these gaps and provide greater network connectivity for lower latency and more efficient traffic routing.

LOGIX Fiber Networks provides wholesale wireless backhaul specifically designed to support mobile network operators. Engineered to support the demanding requirements of 5G, LOGIX’s high-capacity network can support any use case that requires wireless traffic transport.

Leveraging its existing metro and long-haul fiber networks, LOGIX can extend connectivity to existing or new cell sites with its high-capacity fiber network, reliable carrier services and exceptionally low latency.

This LOGIX wholesale fiber network service allows carriers to increase capacity as traffic increases, protect networks and ensure uptime, and optimize performance to meet the more stringent networking requirements of 5G.

Wireless backhaul offers:

  • Multiple services from 1 Gbps to 100 Gbps and dark fiber.
  • Diverse route and mobile telephone switching office diversity.

LOGIX ensures its quality of service using sophisticated network timing and synchronization to provide users the quality experience they expect from their mobile provider.

LOGIX Fiber Networks Wireless Backhaul

With LOGIX Fiber Networks, you get connectivity from Texas’ largest independent fiber network provider. You get exceptional service and support from local Texas-based support and service teams, along with 24/7 year-round monitoring at a Texas-based network operations center.

LOGIX has one of the densest regional networks in the state, with multiple fiber rings in major Texas markets and a state-of-the-art core backbone. This allows the company to deliver 99.999% uptime, optimal throughput and consistent high-quality performance.

With more than 7,000 route miles of fibers in the state and dedicated long-haul routes between Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio, LOGIX delivers access, speed and reliability at a competitive price.

When you need carrier-grade wholesale fiber network services, LOGIX provides the best wireless backhaul solution in Texas.

Contact LOGIX today to discuss your wireless backhaul needs.

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