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Steps to Choosing a Business Internet Service Provider in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Houston

Internet penetration has reached 92% in the U.S. as of 2022. Your customers are increasingly doing business online, and so are businesses. Nearly every business is using cloud resources. According to the 2022 State of the Cloud Report, 89% of organizations are not only using cloud services but also employing a multicloud strategy.

With so much of your business depending on the internet, how do you find a top-flight business internet provider from the available options? Here are the key steps in choosing a business internet service provider for your Dallas, Austin, San Antonio or Houston business.

Determine Your Business Internet Needs

Before you start talking to business internet providers, do an inventory of your internet needs. Depending on how much business you are doing online, the number of critical business functions you have in the cloud and your customer needs, the level of service you require may vary.

You do not want to overpay for capacity, as long as you retain the option to scale your capacity as business dictates. As you discuss options with business internet service providers, they can help you determine the right strategy.

Evaluate Business Internet Service Providers

Speed is important, but so is the ability to handle peak volume without diminished capacity. Some providers will advertise fast speeds but share connections among users, which can degrade your speed.

Not all business internet service providers are created equal. When evaluating providers, here are the critical checklist items.

  • Fast, synchronous speeds
    Residential and cable providers throttle upload speeds. Make sure that you get the same fast upload and download speeds, especially if you are moving large files or data in the cloud or using collaboration tools such as videoconferencing.
  • Scalability
    You should have the ability to scale service to fit your business needs, and thus should work with a business internet service provider that can quickly add capacity as your business grows.
  • Reliability
    Today’s business environment demands reliable service. Look for business internet providers that will guarantee 99.999% uptime to avoid disruptions.
  • High capacity, low latency
    It’s a good idea to have the bandwidth to handle your peak loads without introducing latency, which can slow your systems down. This is especially important for mission-critical applications or real-time apps, such as voice or video.
  • Responsiveness
    When there is an issue or concern with your service, you do not want to have to call someone halfway across the country. You want local, Texas-based support teams and technicians that can respond quickly.
  • Fiber connectivity
    Look for business internet providers with dedicated fiber networks, fiber connectivity between all major Texas markets, and multiple fiber rings to provide redundancy and efficient routing.
  • 24/7 year-round monitoring
    Choose to work with a company that provides Texas-based, 24/7 year-round monitoring to ensure high performance and network security.

Carefully Review Service-Level Agreements

Your service-level agreement (SLA) should detail your business internet service provider’s commitments to you. Examine the key components to make sure that they meet your requirements, including:

  • Uptime.
  • Latency.
  • Packet delivery.
  • Mean time to repair.
  • Remedies for nondelivery.
  • Customer support levels.
  • Performance standards.

Discuss any concerns or unique situations you have with providers and make sure you capture them in writing in your SLA.

Consider Options for Bundling Services

When discussing your needs, consider bundling services for a more robust solution. For example, you may want to bundle business internet with Voice over Internet Protocol services, a hosted private branch exchange or a secure software-defined wide area network solution.

Bundling services can reduce the number of providers you have to work with and often provide cost savings.

Choose LOGIX Fiber Networks

Choosing a business internet service provider does not have to be difficult.

LOGIX Fiber Networks offers secure, reliable and ultra-fast business internet on the largest independent fiber network in Texas. With more than 300,000 fiber miles throughout the state, you get best-in-class network connectivity. You also get fast and friendly service from a Texas-based company that can handle the design, installation, management and support of your dedicated business internet.

Choosing a business internet service provider? Contact LOGIX today at 281-688-6283, or request a quote online.