Why Considering Total Cost Of Hosted PBX Makes Sense

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When looking at any piece of technology, business leaders need to examine the total cost of ownership (TCO). TCO includes costs associated with initial outlay, as well as operating costs such as the cost of maintenance and even personnel costs over the life of the equipment. Only by looking at the TCO can you get an idea of the true costs of adopting a technology.

For business phone service, there’s good news about switching to a hosted private branch exchange (PBX) system. Not only does it provide immediate savings versus an on-premises PBX or a traditional phone company PBX, but it also provides a lower TCO.

Download the executive report on this page to learn more about how a hosted PBX can :

  • Lower capital expenditures
  • Reduce the need for expensive networking equipment
  • Eliminate maintence and service costs
  • Enable a mobile and remote workforce

LOGIX Hosted PBX is Built for Business

LOGIX is the preferred choice for thousands of businesses across Texas.

LOGIX provides reliable hosted PBX systems and Voice over Internet Protocol business phone service backed by a dedicated fiber network stretching more than 300,000 fiber miles. More than 3,000 enterprise buildings, 10,000 businesses and 105 data centers are connected to provide robust, secure and reliable service.

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