Data Center Location in Fort Worth

Why Select Fort Worth as Your Data Center Location

The LOGIX Fort Worth data center has a secure, central downtown location.

Fort Worth Data Center

An Ideal Colocation Solution

The LOGIX Fort Worth Data Center has a secure, central downtown location, catering to customers of varying sizes from a wide range of industries.

The Fort Worth LOGIX data center is the right colocation choice for customers of all sizes because it offers a highly reliable infrastructure, robust connectivity options, flexible and scalable space, and customized solutions. Whether your data center requirements include a cage or multiple racks for your growing business, LOGIX can help.


307 W. 7th Street Fort Worth, Texas


  • Secured access and 24/7 year-round monitoring.
  • Electrical power architecture designed with redundancies to delivers exceptional uptime and uninterrupted power.
  • Dedicated cabinets, cages and private suite options available with ease of expansion for additional equipment.
Fort Worth Data Center


  • Best-in-class performance and reliability for high-density and high-availability solutions.
  • Electrical power architectures with redundancies delivering exceptional uptime and uninterrupted power.

LOGIX Fort Worth Data Center Quick Facts

Data Center RFP Template to Evaluate Colocation Requirements

How to Choose the Best Texas Data Center for Disaster Recovery

The Texas data center you choose is an important decision for your business and disaster recovery needs. Learn how to choose the best data center.

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What Customers Say

We are thankful for the help LOGIX provided in the days immediately following a storm outage. LOGIX was on the scene the next day working got us up and running so that we were able to conduct business.
We are very pleased and are happy to recommend them to others.

Scott B.

Our business has been with LOGIX for 7 years and counting! We are very satisfied with the services and the customer support team response time is wonderful.

Kerry U.

LOGIX has been very responsive to any issues I've had. Great customer service!

Matt M.
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