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LOGIX’s Texas Footprint Reaches Over a Quarter Million Miles

LOGIX continues to invest in Texas and surpasses new milestone to meet business demand for reliable, high-speed fiber access. HOUSTON – (Dec. 10, 2019) – LOGIX Fiber Networks, the largest independent fiber network provider in Texas with the most reliable connectivity in the state, has reached a new milestone with its network now encompassing over 300,000 fiber miles.  LOGIX delivers dedicated symmetrical bandwidth to over 10,000 businesses in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston markets, as well as their fast-growing suburbs. The LOGIX fiber optic network enables nearly 3,000 buildings to access the LOGIX high-quality fiber route which delivers a wide array of affordable and flexible data and voice options from a long-time Texas company. “We’re committed to continuing to grow our fiber footprint because businesses of all sizes are searching for highly-reliable, enterprise-class bandwidth,” said LOGIX Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer Scott Brueggeman. “Reliable and symmetrical bandwidth is a must-have for businesses today. Now, more than ever, small and midsize companies can be on par with large corporations regarding business connectivity options and we deliver choices in a speedy and flexible framework that’s been a LOGIX hallmark for over 35 years.” Businesses today require high-speed, low-latency connectivity that is best provided by wholly-owned fiber networks, especially for mission-critical activities when connectivity is crucial. By understanding businesses have unique needs, LOGIX has tailored its product offerings to meet those demands. “Not that long ago, only Fortune 500 companies obtained dedicated symmetrical bandwidth, but now all companies require it due to increasingly sophisticated business models and applications.  Companies are increasingly battling downtime, throttled data speeds, and higher latency which are revenue killers,” Brueggeman said. “LOGIX delivers flexible, built-for-business connectivity to support a company’s evolving requirements. Reliability and efficiency are delivered through the LOGIX fully-dedicated business fiber network and sophisticated routing capabilities. And LOGIX supports all products with exceptional service from Texas-based LOGIX employees across all stages of design, install, management, and support to give detailed attention to each customer.” In addition to connecting over 10,000 business customers, the LOGIX fiber network can connect customers to nearly 80+ third-party data centers across Texas for production and disaster recovery services.  LOGIX also operates its own high-performance data center facilities in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston markets to offer colocation services to its customers. For more information about solutions from LOGIX, contact 1-888-505-6449 or info@logix.com. About LOGIX Fiber Networks LOGIX Fiber Networks is an established fiber‐based network infrastructure operator in Texas and Oklahoma. LOGIX provides highly secure fiber-based data and voice services as well as data center access to over 10,000 enterprise and carrier customers. Known for its outstanding Texas-based customer service, flexible connectivity options, and best-in-class reliability, LOGIX’s built-for-business fiber network delivers the reliability customers need, so they can focus on their business. LOGIX affordable solutions leverage expertise accumulated over its 35-year history.  As a nimble, regional player, LOGIX efficiently develops and deploys large, medium, or small scale footprints to support its customers current and future business requirements. Logix offers a broad range of business voice and data options for simple and complex configurations including Business Voice, Business Internet, Business Ethernet, Business Wavelength, Business Voice Cloud, Business Voice Trunks, Data Centers, and Cloud Connect. For more information about solutions from LOGIX, contact 1-888-505-6449 or info@logix.com.