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LOGIX’s Growing Footprint Supports Texas Economic Development

Stafford, Texas, among suburban cities whose modern technology helps attract companies looking to relocate headquarters or open new offices

HOUSTON – (Oct. 9, 2018) – LOGIX Fiber Networks, the largest independent fiber network provider in Texas, and a leading provider of data center solutions, is supporting Texas economic development by continuing to expand its fiber footprint in suburban areas, complementing its long-standing fiber core in the state’s major metro hubs.

One suburban example is the City of Stafford, Texas, just 15 miles southwest of Houston. Widely recognized as the only Texas city without a property tax, Stafford is also home to a planned 192-acre, mixed-use project at a former Texas Instruments site. Stafford is extremely diverse both in terms of its residents and businesses.

An up-and-coming, youthful city – the average resident age is 30 – Stafford has many newer subdivisions, plentiful housing, and outstanding schools within the Fort Bend County Independent School District. While zero property taxes coupled with the city’s other amenities attracts businesses and residents alike, Stafford leaders recognized that fiber optics had to become part of their economic development toolkit.

“It used to be that every lead from the governor’s Economic Development office was tied to rail service, but now the big request is whether the property is served by fiber because it’s a pivotal piece in the decisions of businesses looking to relocate,” said Patti Worfe, Executive Director of the Stafford Economic Development Corporation. “Technology is at the forefront of nearly every decision we make today. If you can’t stay abreast of the technology needs of companies looking to relocate, then you’re at a total loss. We’re pleased to have LOGIX fiber parks in Stafford because every mile of new fiber installed helps put Stafford farther ahead of our peers.”

LOGIX recently installed about 17 miles of fiber in Stafford, giving more than 1,300 businesses there a wide array of affordable and flexible broadband service options from a long-time Texas company, instead of a limited choice of national service providers.

“Having been a Texas company for 35 years, LOGIX knows how vital small- and mid-size businesses are to the economy, just like growing areas such as Stafford are key to Texas being able to attract and retain a great business base,” said LOGIX Chief Strategy Officer Richard Rosmarin. “We are proud that the rapidly growing LOGIX fiber footprint is helping support economic development in Texas. We believe in partnering with local government leaders who are committed, like we are, to offering businesses the technology they need to compete, grow and be successful, all of which helps fuel Texas’ powerful economic engine.”

LOGIX has more than 6,200 route miles of network spanning 225,000 fiber miles, which serves more than 12,500 enterprise and carrier customers across Texas. LOGIX operates its own high-performance data center facilities and connects to more than 105 data centers in Texas.

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LOGIX Fiber Networks is a well-established fiber‐based network infrastructure operator. LOGIX provides highly secure fiber-based data and voice services as well as data center access to enterprise and carrier customers. Known for its outstanding customer service and high-bandwidth connectivity, LOGIX also uses streamlined and flexible processes to help customers focus on their business first. For more details about LOGIX, please visit us at www.logix.com.


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