Dedicated Fiber Network for Texas Healthcare Providers

With the explosive growth in digital medical applications, healthcare professionals are faced with balancing increased collaboration and information-sharing demands with HIPAA privacy and security requirements.

LOGIX Provides:

Hyper-fast Internet speeds and 99.999% uptime so you and your staff always have instant access to patient treatment information and medication history

Secure, dedicated fiber network that can handle bandwidth-intensive telemedicine and collaboration applications while ensuring the security and privacy of patient information

Access to communication and cloud-based tools that facilitate collaboration and information sharing and ensure compliance with HIPAA requirements

Healthcare providers are seeing more demands on their internet service and increased bandwidth requirements as they move from paper to electronic records (EHR/HMR) and comply with industry and government regulations.

As the largest fiber internet provider in Texas, LOGIX understands that medical practices and hospitals need secure, dedicated fiber internet and that downtime could be a life-or-death matter. LOGIX has the cure.

LOGIX helps over 700 healthcare providers deliver excellent patient care. Our dedicated fiber internet network covers over 300,000 fiber miles and connects over 3,000 enterprise buildings and nearly 80+ third-party data centers in Texas.

The LOGIX Promise

Ensure Your Staff Has Internet Bandwidth and Speed They Require to Deliver the Best Patient Care.


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Receive a Fast Installation


Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

LOGIX has been providing flexible and efficient internet, business phone and colocation solutions to healthcare providers across Texas for over 35 years. LOGIX guarantees high-bandwidth connectivity, maximum uptime and prompt support through its in-state LOGIX Network Operations Center (NOC).