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Best Fiber Internet Service for Texas Real Estate Brokers

In the fast-paced real estate world, staying two steps ahead of your competition is imperative to keep up with market developments. This means agents and support staff need reliable and flexible internet, phone, and connectivity solutions that provide instant access to clients, lenders and title companies.

LOGIX Provides:

Full-throttle Internet speeds and 99.999% uptime so you never miss calls or email messages from buyers, sellers or industry partners

Web-based communication tools agents can use to schedule virtual showings and confidently conduct video conferences

Secure, scalable connections to data and cloud applications so agents and brokers in all your offices can instantly access listings and market information

As the largest fiber internet network provider in Texas, LOGIX understands that you need fast, reliable business internet so your staff can stay connected regardless of whether they are in the office, showing a property or working remotely. LOGIX has you covered.

The LOGIX network covers over 300,000 fiber miles, connects over 3,000 enterprise buildings and nearly 80+ third-party Texas data centers, and provides business fiber internet and phone services to real estate companies throughout Texas.

The LOGIX Promise

Ensure Your Staff Has the Internet Bandwidth They Need to Provide Clients With Outstanding Service.


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Receive a Fast Installation


Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

LOGIX has been providing flexible and efficient internet, business phone and colocation solutions to real estate firms in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio for over 35 years. LOGIX guarantees high-bandwidth connectivity, maximum uptime and prompt support through our Texas-based LOGIX Network Operations Center (NOC).