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LOGIX Aggressively Expands South Texas Footprint

 HOUSTON – (April 30, 2018) – LOGIX Fiber Networks, the largest Texas-based independent fiber network provider, has further expanded its Texas fiber optic footprint by installing about 17 miles of fiber in the Houston suburb of Stafford, Texas. LOGIX fiber gives more than 1,300 businesses in Stafford a wide array of affordable and flexible broadband service options from a long-time Texas company, instead of a limited choice of national service providers. “The new LOGIX fiber park in Stafford demonstrates our deep commitment to Texas and the businesses that fuel the state’s powerful economic engine,” said LOGIX Fiber Networks Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer Richard Rosmarin. “Continued economic development in Texas relies on businesses, especially mid-size companies, having choices when it comes to high-speed voice and data services, as well as dozens of carrier-neutral data centers, especially from a fellow Texas company that’s easy to work with and knows how business gets done in the Lone Star State.” LOGIX continues to aggressively expand its fiber footprint by building fiber parks in rapidly emerging business centers like Stafford, where businesses crave enterprise-level broadband and data center services, but need a more nuanced or customized approach than national service providers offer. “We are seeing strong demand from businesses across a variety of industries, from healthcare to financial, and of course, the energy industry, but a common thread connecting all these companies is their desire for solutions that fit their needs and not forcing them into a cookie-cutter approach,” Rosmarin said. “LOGIX is very flexible in how we engineer solutions for our customers, whether it’s how we package fiber-based voice and data services for them, how we support their disaster recovery needs, or that we are happy to work with data centers of their choice. We believe that businesses should never feel force-fit into a technology solution or data center location.” The new LOGIX fiber park Stafford, Texas, is bordered approximately on the north by West Airport Boulevard; to the east by Murphy Road; to the south by Highway 90; and to the west by Eldridge Road. LOGIX plans to expand its Stafford fiber park soon with more fiber construction east of Murphy Road. After completing its acquisition earlier this year of Alpheus Communications, a provider of metro-regional fiber and networking solutions that owned facilities in the Texas markets of Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston (the “DASH” markets), LOGIX has more than 6,200 route miles of network spanning 225,000 fiber miles, and serves more than 12,500 enterprise and carrier customers across Texas. LOGIX operates its own high-performance data center facilities in the DASH markets and connects to more than 80 data centers in Texas.   About LOGIX Fiber Networks LOGIX Fiber Networks is a well-established Texas-based provider of telecommunications services since 1983. The company focuses on providing highly secure fiber-based data and voice services to enterprise and carrier customers. LOGIX is known for its outstanding customer service and providing commercial services in a few days to a couple of weeks. LOGIX has developed streamlined and flexible processes to allow customers to focus on their business first. For more information, visit www.logix.com.   Contact: Tony Katsulos Allison+Partners for LOGIX Fiber Networks 972-741-8545 tony.katsulos@allisonpr.com