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LOGIX Report – How To Select Texas Data Center Options

Complimentary report shares top factors to consider to choose the right colocation data center provider

HOUSTON (December 16, 2020) - LOGIX Fiber Networks, a Texas-based data center and business connectivity company with more than 300,000 miles of fiber across the state, has released a new executive report to help Texas businesses evaluate and select colocation data center options.

The executive report shares the five considerations to review when evaluating Texas data center options, including initial infrastructure and maintenance costs, redundancy, security, availability of support and the scalability to meet changing business needs.  The report notes that the best Texas data centers offer 100 percent uptime based on their robust infrastructure and redundancy and recommends the use of a request for proposal (RFP) template that encompasses everything required by the business.

“Choosing the right Texas data center for business-critical applications and infrastructure redundancy is more important than ever as companies and employees access their applications and data remotely in this new world,” said Scott Brueggeman, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of LOGIX. “Colocation data centers save money for companies, help avoid costly downtime, and enable businesses to be secure knowing their IT infrastructure is safe and always available due to a data center’s redundant systems and connectivity. “

The LOGIX Fiber Network Data Center RFP template is available as a complimentary resource to businesses evaluating data centers to help them present their colocation requirements to data centers in Texas.

To learn more about how to choose a data center in Texas, download the executive report here. The report is posted in the LOGIX Resource Center, a free resource available to all business leaders. Additional executive reports and informative articles are continuously being added.

Through the end of the year, LOGIX is offering two free months of colocation data center services to new customers. Inquiries can be made by speaking to a member of the LOGIX sales team at 281-688-6231.  Additional restrictions may apply.

To learn more about LOGIX Fiber Networks visit www.logix.com and connect with LOGIX on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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LOGIX Fiber Networks is the largest fiber network provider in Texas, providing highly secure fiber-based data, voice services, and data center access to over 10,000 enterprise and carrier customers and connecting over 100 colocation data centers across Texas.

With a 35-year history and known for its outstanding Texas-based customer service, flexible and fast connectivity options, and best-in-class reliability due to its built-for-business fiber network, LOGIX offers a broad range of business voice and data options. Services include Business Voice, Business Internet, Business Ethernet, Business Wavelength, Business Voice Cloud, Business Voice Trunks, Data Centers, and Cloud Connect. For more information call 281-336-9006 or visit logix.com. 

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