Speed Increase FAQ

Q: I have heard that you are increasing my Internet speed. Can you tell me more?
That’s great that you have heard about our ongoing efforts to provide you with the best state-of-the-art fiber connectivity. We are in the process of increasing your Internet speed, at no additional cost to you. Once your speed has been upgraded, we will be sure to let you know the good news.

Q: Why are you increasing my Internet speed?
You deserve the best connectivity supporting your business. That’s why LOGIX continuously monitors and enhances our fiber network to ensure businesses like yours are set for today, as well as tomorrow.

Q: Will this upgrade be at a cost to me?
This bandwidth upgrade is at no cost to you and we hope this complimentary upgrade continues to enhance your experience.

Q. Do I need to do anything to receive the increase?
In most cases, no action will be required from you in order to see the speed increase. If you have been notified of your speed increase and you are not seeing the communicated speed, you may need to work with our Customer Support team to fully realize the extent of the upgrade. You can reach our support team by calling 800-444-0258.

Q: I have run a speed test. Why am I not receiving my maximum Internet speed?
Factors that can affect your Internet speed include how you are connecting to the Internet, the equipment you are using and even the capabilities of a website you are trying to access. Highly-trafficked websites can cause your Internet connection to run more slowly when visiting that specific domain. Additionally, your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone will need to meet the minimum system requirements to achieve maximum speeds. Internet speeds may vary based on the configuration and performance of computers, hardware, software, applications and other equipment systems. If you are not seeing the communicated throughput, please contact our Customer Support team at 800-444-0258. Note: For more accurate speed tests, please use the LOGIX Speed Test.

Q: Who should I contact with additional questions?
Our Texas-based Customer Care agents are available at 800-444-0258 should you have any questions or need any support.

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