How LOGIX Provides the Most Reliable Business Internet in Texas

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Every minute, the internet handles 188 million emails, 231,840 Skype calls, 208,333 Zoom meetings, 52,083 Microsoft Teams video conferences, 4.4 million gigabytes of data and $1 million in consumer purchases.

Now think about what happens when your business internet is down. It’s impossible to send or receive emails, have video conferences or transmit data. Your customers may not be able to buy or use your products or services. It’s a frightening scenario.

If your business is affected, that’s a serious problem. Productivity plummets, customers get frustrated and your business suffers. That is why you must work with a reliable Texas business internet provider.

LOGIX Fiber Networks offers the most reliable business-class internet service, including:

  • 99.999% uptime.
  • Redundant infrastructure.
  • Texas-based 24/7 year-round monitoring.
  • Texas-based support teams.
  • 300,000 miles of fiber.
  • Dedicated connections.
  • Symmetrical speeds.
  • Security.
  • Data centers.

Fiber is the most reliable way to deliver high-speed internet. It is stronger than cable and copper lines and is less likely to break. Also, since fiber does not need power applied to transmission lines like other methods, it is less susceptible to severe weather, and immune to nearby electrical interference.


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You Need the Most Reliable Business Internet Provider in Texas

Simply put – downtime costs money. The average cost of downtime now exceeds $10,000 per hour, even for small businesses. For large enterprises, that number can exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars an hour. Your business cannot afford anything but the most reliable Texas business internet for your organization.

When searching for the best business internet providers in your area, sign on with the most reliable Texas business internet provider to power your business.

LOGIX Network Operations Center (NOC) continues to monitor Beryl's impacts to maintain services for our customers in the impacted regions and to act quickly to restore services as needed. To report any service interruptions please submit a ticket via theLOGIX Customer Portal