Select Referral Partner Program

Become a LOGIX Partner – Built-For-Business Internet & Phone

The LOGIX Select Referral Partner Program provides a simple, easy and profitable way to referring LOGIX solutions.

Whether you are a salesperson, real estate agent, business leader, banker, administrator or just someone who knows a company looking for communication solutions, you can earn commissions by referring LOGIX’s built-for-business internet, phone and connectivity solutions to your customers and prospects.

Referral partners receive payment for their referrals and by completing a simple agreement that requires no long-term commitment. With an extensive portfolio of business connectivity solutions, as well as unrivaled local support and service, it is easy to promote LOGIX to your contacts.

LOGIX is Here to Help You Grow

The LOGIX Select Referral Partner Program is easy and transparent to help you earn more money.

Unlike most programs with lengthy and complicated contracts, there are no fees or commitments in this program. At LOGIX it is simple – you are rewarded for referring leads.

This referral partner section of the LOGIX website serves as the main hub. Referral partners can sign up, register leads and access marketing resources for LOGIX’s built-for-business internet, phone and connectivity solutions. The team is here to help you grow and enhance our respective businesses for a rewarding and profitable relationship.

Rewarding Your Commitment

The LOGIX Select Referral Partner Program pays partners in a single payment that reflects the monthly recurring revenue of the lead you passed to LOGIX, up to the program’s maximum of $10,000. It is hassle-free and totally transparent.

Referral Partner Process

Once you fill out the partner application form, LOGIX will contact you and send you a welcome package with additional details including a referral partner agreement, W-9 and ACH form.

Once completed, return these forms to LOGIX and you are on your way. Simply complete the partner lead form with the information requested. We will take it from there.

LOGIX will schedule a sales appointment with your referral contact to tell them about the suite of LOGIX built-for-business internet, phone and connectivity solutions, and if it is a good fit, ask them for their business.

Key Elements

  • Who: Anyone with a sales lead, including sales professionals, consultants, IT managers, real estate professionals, administrators and others who want to promote LOGIX’s fiber network, telecom and data center services.
  • Commitment: No minimum revenue commitment.
  • Compensation: One-time commission for each referred installed order.
  • Collaboration: Partner passes the sales lead to a dedicated representative; LOGIX manages all customer interactions going forward.