LOGIX Voice Services Upgrade

LOGIX is upgrading to a new voice services platform to deliver increased service reliability and enable us to provide more features and functionality.

Your telephone number(s) will not change. Rest assured that customers and colleagues will continue to contact you the same way they always have.

While your telephone number(s) will not change, there may be some impacts to certain LOGIX voice services features that you use on a daily basis. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below for additional details to understand how this upgrade may impact your service.

We will communicate closely with you throughout the process, including scheduled dates and actions you need to take.

If you have additional questions please utilize the web-form below and a LOGIX representative will get back to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you utilize voicemail service from LOGIX and not through your internal phone system (PBX), you will need to save any existing voicemails you want to keep.

Following the upgrade, you will need to reset your voicemail PIN.

For security reasons – any “PIN-less access” to voicemail will be discontinued.  After the upgrade you will need to enter a PIN every time you access your voicemail box.

Please use the LOGIX Voicemail User Guide for additional details on how to manage your new voicemail service

The Star Codes (*) used to activate certain voice features may change. Please listen closely to the voice-prompts as you use any Star Codes after the upgrade.

Please use the LOGIX Voice Services Star Codes for additional details on feature specific impacts.

If you have been identified as the Administrator for your LOGIX voice services account, you will receive an e-mail from LOGIX with instructions for setting-up access to your portal and how to navigate it.

If you did not receive a Voice Services Admin e-mail, please contact LOGIX at info@logix.com to get set-up.

Once you have been set-up as the Admin in the Voice Services portal, please use the LOGIX Voice Services Portal User Guide document for additional details on how to take advantage of this new feature.

Speed dial codes will not be available immediately after the upgrade. You will need to use the speed dial functionality of your telephone to store speed dials.  

LOGIX will deploy a new speed dial functionality in the near future. If you would like to be contacted when that feature is made available, please submit a request in the web-form above.

As part of this platform upgrade, Authorization Codes and Account Codes will no longer be available with your current service type.  However, LOGIX does offer alternative voice services that do include Authorization and Account Codes.  If you currently use these types of codes for your business and require them going forward, please submit a request in the above web-form and a LOGIX representative will be in touch to discuss your service options.