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Customer Portals & Tools

Below are quick reference links to access LOGIX customer portals & tools.

LOGIX HPBX MyPhone Portal

Access HPBX Portal

Webmail Login

LOGIX Webmail will help you stay connected with your clients no matter where you are in the world 24 X 7 X 365. Webmail can be configured to suit your business needs and is included at no additional charge with all LOGIX Internet products and services.

Access Webmail

Personal User Administrator

If you have LOGIX E-mail services and want to change your Individual password or personal profile, enter Personal User Administrator. LOGIX Personal User Administrators are set up by your company’s Domain Administrator.

Access User Admin

Domain Administrator

If you are the LOGIX E-mail Domain Administrator for your company domain and need to add, change or delete E-mail accounts, enter Domain Administrator.

Access Domain Admin

Microsoft Outlook Web Access

Hosted Exchange Customers view your E-mail, calendars, contacts, tasks, and other mailbox content.

Access Outlook Access

Hosted Microsoft Exchange Administration

Manage Exchange accounts, reset passwords, configure Shared Calendars and the Global Address Book.

Access Hosted Exchange

User Guides

Below are all of our current user guides and manuals.

Cloud Services

Configuring Hosted PBX

How to set up and configure your LOGIX Hosted PBX

Configuring iPhone for Hosted Exchange

How to set up your iPhone with LOGIX-HOSTED Exchange

Download PDF

Configuring Outlook 2010

How to set up Outlook on your computer

Download PDF

Configuring Outlook 2010 for MAC

How to set up Outlook on your computer

Download PDF

Configuring Outlook 2013

How to set up Outlook on your computer

Download PDF

Exporting PST From Outlook 2010

How to export your Outlook PST Files on to your LOGIX-HOSTED Exchange

Download PDF

Importing PST Into Outlook 2010

How to Import your Outlook PST Files on to your LOGIX-HOSTED Exchange

Download PDF

LOGIX-HOSTED Exchange: Administrator Console – New Distro List Creation

How to Create a new distribution list in the LOGIX-HOSTED Exchange Administrator Console

Download PDF


Domain Name Services

This guide outlines the Domain Name hosting and transfer process for customers that will transfer their Domain Name(s) to LOGIX for hosting.

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E-Mail Information Setup Guide

This user guide will show your company’s “E-mail Administrator” how to manage your “Hosted” E-mail account with LOGIX. This guide covers all the instructions on how to add, change and delete E-mail accounts for your company’s users. E-mail administrators do have to be pre-established with LOGIX.

Download PDF

Internet Setup Guide

This guide is intended to be used by anyone in your company who helps connect your local network to the LOGIX Internet connection. This guide will define what type of cables are needed and share with you basic network settings that will allow you to start enjoying your LOGIX Internet service.

Download PDF


On Demand Conferencing

This guide is for customers that want to benefit from the easy to use LOGIX On Demand Conferencing service. For ease-of-use and convenience, individuals within your company or organization can establish their own personalized conference ID and host conference calls anytime, day or night.

Download PDF

Phone Service Feature Guide

This user guide outlines how to utilize all the features of your LOGIX Local Phone Service. You will learn how to utilize and benefit from features such as Remote Access to Call Forwarding, Call Blocking, Call Forwarding, even Selective Call Forwarding. You will have instructions on how to use these powerful business solutions and take command of your business with Logix Local Phone Service.

Download PDF

Voicemail: Business Group

This guide is for customers that want to setup and benefit from the more powerful LOGIX Business Group Voicemail service. This guide will show you in a step by step manner how to set up and take full advantage of all the voicemail features.

Download PDF

Voicemail: Single Voicemail

This guide is for all LOGIX customers who would like to take advantage of the convenient and easy to use LOGIX Voicemail Service. This guide walks you through our step by step instructions of how to set up your company’s voicemail.ures.

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